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We are an Exclusive Distributor of Ruck GmbH - German company - equipment, instruments, supplies, and cosmetics Peclavus®, for a professional pedicure.

We provide Professional Training and Master-Classes of the Basic technique of apparatus pedicure and the use of professional cosmetics for feet, from our Trainer, which is certified at the German school Hellmut-Ruck

Ruck GmbH

RUCK GmbH is always on the move; however, several future-oriented innovations and decisions were shaped by the past year. A new warehouse is currently under construction, expanding our capacities by more than 2,500 pallet bays.

This will considerably enhance product availability and delivery capability for our customers. The company produces certain product groups in its own “RUCK Manufacture,” which lets them offer new jobs and directly influences modifications and individual makings. This was very important for another large project, which we could finalize in the past year: A complete and new development of podiatry chairs, furniture, and practitioner’s chairs.

The new practice program with its furniture series MOON, ROOM, STOOL, and POOL feature exceptional design with plywood elements. These are not only design characteristics but also reflect our own environmental thinking put into practice.