MO Comfort Care LTD is an Exclusive Distributor Company representing of CosMed KFT (Hungary) and Ruck GmbH (Germany) in Cyprus. For professional equipment, natural safe cosmetics and Traning Center for Beauty Salons, Hotels & SPA’s.

CosMed KFT

Hungarian company

Professional system of SPA depilation PANDHY’STM with sugar paste, face and  body care. We believe that the PANDHY’S™ brand has style. Style is when we know who we are and where we are going. The essence of our style is creativity, experimentation, continuous movement and growth. We take risks consciously, and go against conventions. We believe that we can only create something special and achieve success by going off the traditional path. This is how PANDHY’S™ can be a non-traditionally modern, style creating pioneer, founded on classical traditions simultaneously. Our company operates and develops along this train of thought for more than a decade already. We hope you find what you are looking for on PANDHY’S™ palette!

Ruck GmbH

German company

Professional Equipment Podolog®, instruments Ruck Instrumente®, supplies and cosmetics Peclavus®, PeclaSanus® for professional pedicure. Every brand available at RUCK is both innovative and reliable. Over the course of time, our brands were recognised for their outstanding quality in the foot care, podiatry, and cosmetics market – a fact, that our customers confirm daily. Every new product launched needs to keep up with the brand’s reputation. So we work to maintain the good reputation and quality of our products. We also have a sympathetic ear when it comes to your wishes and preferences and offer convincing solutions for all aspects of your daily work.


-International school of sugaring Pandhy’sTM, from our certified Educator, which will acquaint you with all the subtleties of working with sugar paste and SPA treatments for face and body care

-Basic technique of apparatus pedicure and the use of professional cosmetics for feet, from our Trainer, which is certified at the German school Hellmut-Ruck

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