MO Comfort Care LTD is an Exclusive Distributor Company representing Ruck GmbH (Germany) in Cyprus. For professional equipment, natural, certified cosmetic Peclavus, and training Center for Beauty Salons, Hotels & SPA’s.

Ruck GmbH

German company

Professional Equipment Podolog®, instruments Ruck Instrumente®, supplies and cosmetics Peclavus®, PeclaSanus® for professional pedicure. Every brand available at RUCK is both innovative and reliable. Over the course of time, our brands were recognised for their outstanding quality in the foot care, podiatry, and cosmetics market – a fact, that our customers confirm daily. Every new product launched needs to keep up with the brand’s reputation. So we work to maintain the good reputation and quality of our products. We also have a sympathetic ear when it comes to your wishes and preferences and offer convincing solutions for all aspects of your daily work.


The basic technique of apparatus pedicure and the use of professional Certified cosmetic Peclavus for feet, from our Trainer, which is certified at the German school Hellmut-Ruck


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